PBM Solution

Transparency Delivered to your Desktop.

Is your PBM working for you?

Pharmacy benefits represent an increasingly significant piece of the healthcare benefits puzzle. The complexities involved in managing today’s drug plans make it harder than ever to contain costs and improve the quality of patient care.

Many employers work with pharmacy benefit managers to increase efficiencies and decrease drug costs. But traditional PBM arrangements are fraught with conflicts of interest. As a result, PBMs are often the ones that benefit the most from this relationship. They retain pharmaceutical manufacturer rebates, mandate the use of their mail order facility and collect undisclosed revenue through “spread” pricing.

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These hidden practices can leave you with a murky picture of the real costs of your drug plan. Additionally, most PBMs offer “one-size- fits-all” packages that fail to take into account your specific needs.

The difference is visible.

We have eliminated all conflicts of interest and are fully aligned with your goals.

We take the time to understand your unique needs and challenges. We work closely with you to custom-tailor a plan that provides the lowest possible pharmacy costs and the most appropriate care at a price you and your employees can afford.
Our custom care solution eliminates the hidden mark-up or “spread”. We do not retain rebates, network discounts or incentives. Instead, we pass through 100% of the savings and rebates to you through a readily verifiable and auditable system accessible right from your desktop.

This strategy of complete transparency ensures our motivation to be a steward of your best interests. We maximize generic savings, select the lowest net cost brands in the formulary decision process, and implement cost-reduction strategies that will save you money and help keep your employees healthier.

“When we wrote the check each month for our drug plan, I thought that the ingredient cost and dispensing fee charged were actually being paid to the pharmacy provider. I was amazed. For the first time I could actually see how much money was being retained by the old PBM and how much is truly being saved.”

Danny, School Board Member