Start small and work steadily to mature as success is achieved:
– Employ regular wellness education classes addressing the needs of your
high risk population – incentivize them to attend.
– Provide fitness classes onsite in a spare open room – body sculpt, yoga,
fitness ball classes, kettlebell, etc. Have those interested bring their own
equipment, or better yet, provide it for them.
– Provide healthy food options – try changing vending machine options.
– Allow for longer lunch breaks for if physical activity is included in the time.
– Encourage walking meetings
· Adapt partnerships with local gyms or create an on-site wellness center.
· Provide a secure and safe way for employees to bike, walk, and engage in
physical movement – consider an outdoor exercise circuit.
. Have annual health risk assessments provided by qualified professionals
. Utilize data to make real changes in the culture of an organization
– Incentivize through premium reductions or point systems
– Wellness Manager or contracted Wellness Consultant/Support Group

If you desire a more wellness-centered workplace, consider a conversation with your Wellness Manager, Safety Director or Human Resources to support positive change.

We have encountered many companies hesitant to adopt a culture of wellness. Our suggestions above only scratch the surface for a complete 360WellCare initiative – “Wellness Infused, Health Improved”. This discussion was prefaced with starting small and growing comprehensively. Once your industry becomes more open to the approach and sees the results of a progressive Employee Wellness Program (EWP), next steps become common sense: regular health risk assessments or required annual wellness physicals, an onsite clinic, health coaching, incentivized pathways, and education individualized to health assessment data and needs of the employee, providing the best opportunities to obtain a culture of wellness. For more information on next steps, contact 360 WellCare. Call a trusted name in the industry, with years of experience and unprecedented insight and understanding. Real results come from wellness companies who are passionate, experienced, knowledgeable and have strong products services and approaches.

360wellcare is an innovative company that is dedicated to its mission to improve the quality of the life of employees while adding to the resources of the employer.

Call or email today for information on setting up a consult.

Dr. Frank Layman
Understanding the true scope of health and wellness is the first step to achieving it. DFL


By Dr.FrankLayman

Employee wellness is an area of ever evolving interest. It has much potential to address high risk employee populations with multifaceted approaches that produce outcomes that are mutually beneficial for both employer and employee alike. When companies invest in a healthier work force insurance claims decrease, employee engagement increases; sick days decrease, productivity increases. An unhealthy work force requires unwarranted medical care resulting in more sick days and is less productivity on the job. A major contributor of increasing health care cost is weight. Globally, 44 percent of diabetes, 23 percent of heart disease and approximately 30 per cent of certain cancers are linked with being overweight and obesity. According to the Health Behavior News Service, part of the Center for Advancing Health, on average, a morbidly obese employee costs an employer over $4,000 more per year in health care and related costs than an employee who is of normal weight. The study also revealed that obese individuals who had co-morbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol incurred greater costs than obese workers without these conditions. Obesity is correlated with a variety of such co-morbidities.

Companies need to take strong and comprehensive action. The key: Identify the high risk employee population and formulate a plan to change behavior. The need to acquire a passionate and motivated corporate health and wellness group can be of benefit. The data makes a compelling case for this recommendation and as we discussed earlier, the growing trend of unhealthy and/or overweight employees and the direct impact they have on companies bottom line dictates action. Objectively we cannot identify a need or a deficit and not address it.
Wellness programs, when implemented properly, help employees become more focused on activity and the benefits of such programs should be observable and measurable. The workplace benefit from healthy, happy, and balanced employees is truly invaluable.
Most employee wellness programs improve their culture both physically and mentally. There are multiple bidirectional relationships to well developed wellness programs. Employers adopt wellness programs and incentives aimed at helping employees live a healthy and more active lifestyle that benefits them by increased productivity, declined sick days, and reduced health care costs. These kinds of outcomes are a win win. The company wins by saving money and increasing productivity, the employee wins by being healthier.

True Health & Wellness cannot be separated into mental and physical, it is bound one part reliant on the other to be whole. Dr.FrankLayman

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360WellCare Delivers Results

At 360WellCare We Deliver Results.
We provide experience and expertise to obtain wellness. To do that we are constantly engaging other experts in the field of health and wellness. My friend and fellow service member Dr. Ann King is often sought for her experience, understanding, and insight. She is a professor and an officer in the USAR where she has devoted herself to improving the health and wellness of others and has devoted herself to teaching the constructs of health and wellness so others can have a positive impact.
360WellCare has engaged resources like Dr.King to expand our knowledge and improve our delivery of the most effective approaches, products, and services in the field of corporate health and wellness. Recently I asked Dr. King what she thought the greatest problem facing companies seeking true solutions for wellness were and how she viewed 360WellCare’s ability to address them.

“The problem facing companies today is the lack of quality screening and lack of follow up from abnormal screening. That is where I see 360wellcare leading the way to create true corporate health and wellness. To screen is now an obvious need but what isn’t so obvious is the appropriate choices available to screen, the data management once the screen is completed, and the wellness interventions required to gain real results. 360WellCare has the experience to individualize and execute the strategic plan for wellness. Along with testing, analysis, and delivery there has to be collaboration for all to improve but especially the condition for the screenings of the chronic/high risk population. Companies need to understand that partnering with 360WellCare is partnering with a group of professionals dedicated to their mission to create healthier individuals, companies, and communities. That a relationship with 360WellCare can result in more productivity, healthier lifestyle, and longevity for a company’s most prized resources. Standing by their goal to empower and encourage personal investment in health and utilizing health promotion strategies that demonstrate the benefits of change, they help support through the change process, and encourage a culture that improves the opportunity to sustain change.
Once they screen, then they have to refer and follow up. Helping people achieve healthy lifestyles and mindsets can mean the difference in a healthy life verse a shorter, disease-burdened life. That translates for companies into a healthier work force that is more productive which resonates to the health of communities.
360wellcare has a sincere mission, decades of experience, great products and services to gain real results.”

Dr. Ann King, DNP, MSN, FNP-BC
Clinical Associate Professor
DNP Program
Adult/Geriatric and Family Nurse Practitioner Concentrations
Director HRSA grant “Enhancing the Primary Care Management of Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions through Interprofessional Education”
East Carolina University College of Nursing

Thank you Dr. King for your insight and willingness to collaborate with 360WellCare on our journey to be the premiere wellness organization in delivery of:
1) Adding bottom line savings to our industrial customers
2) Reducing healthcare costs
3) Reduce insurance premiums
4) Reduce barriers to wellness
5) Prevention of chronic disease.
6) Comprehensive solutions
7) Full spectrum corporate healthcare and wellness solutions
8) Concierge services
9) Wellness infused healthcare
10) Management of high risk employee populations
11) Managing healthcare costs through a wellness mindset.
12) Creating the change for a health minded corporate culture that translates to a heathy work force.

True Health & Wellness cannot be separated into mental and physical, it is bound one part reliant on the other to be whole. DFL