WellCare Coaching – Promoting a Culture of Lifestyle Change in our 360 WellCare Model

Lifestyle related diseases or chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes are reaching upwards of 50% of deaths. Obesity, diabetes and pre-diabetic cases are an endemic. Musculoskeletal injuries related to a poorly fit work force result in one of the highest cost centers for corporate America. The American College of Preventative Medicine and Institute of Lifestyle Medicine advocate for both health promotion and behavioral changes to impact this negative spiral.

360WellCare has a dynamic and comprehensive approach to WellCare Coaching to promote behavioral modification. Our comprehensive team of Athletic Trainers, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Executives, and Leadership Coaches, some who have trained in the military, know and understand the complex issues that must be addressed in order to provide true WellCare or “Wellness Infused, Health Improved” lives. This is a far cry from the facade that so many companies attempt to put in place so they can say they have an effective “wellness” program.

A comprehensive or “360 view” requires an understanding of the threats, the ability to assess destructive behaviors and understanding to address life impact issues. Our team accomplishes this by a predetermined plan for your company. For example, our onsite clinics offer the perfect opportunity for our providers to positively impact your employees’ lives. For those high risk employees,
WellCare (health) Coaching, behavior modification, and behavioral accountability assists to promote a lasting culture of lifestyle change for your employees and ultimately, your industry.
We are dedicated to our mission of providing resources, consulting, products, services and coaching that will result in significant culture change and savings.

The cost savings we provide from our transformational approach result in long term wellness investment returns, greater resources to grow your industry or provide long term stability. Our approach is one that seeks an “everyone wins” mindset that allows the employer, the employee, care providers and other team member’s to succeed.

For further information contact us today! Remember, many industries, businesses, manufacturers and companies can qualify for a free assessment of the state of your WellCare.

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Dr. Frank Layman